Cinch Home Loans is a team of highly qualified mortgage professionals. Our idea is simple: If your loan is a cinch, then don’t overpay.

The Cinch Home Loans team provides quick, accurate, and reliable service to current and future homeowners in California, Idaho, and Utah. Specifically, we specialize in providing affordable mortgage origination service for customers of owner-occupied properties with good credit. Unlike big banks, which have built-in margins and back-end profits employed in their mortgage services, our team at Cinch Home Loans is a brokerage that uses wholesale lenders and interest rates, meaning there are no hidden fees.

What makes Cinch Home Loans different?

The benefit of a mortgage broker materialized through an age-old secret of saving money by purchasing products through wholesale outlets. It should be no different when shopping for your mortgage, and that’s where we at Cinch Home Loans have become a game-changer. As a full-service brokerage, you gain access to wholesale mortgage interest rates. Instead of paying hidden fees, back-end points, or built-in margins; our compensation is completely transparent.

So, if you have good credit and are in the market to finance or refinance your property, look no further than Cinch Home Loans where you’re guaranteed to get an affordable and upfront rate.

NMLS 399255. Utah DRE 7915137, 8906775. California BRE 01952492. Idaho MLB- 8429.

Headquarters in Sandy, Utah.